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It is difficult to believe, but BRAVO 737 has now been part of my life for one full year. As some of you know, during the pandemic, I turned back to flight simming as a way to release and find something enjoyable during a very difficult time for many. In doing so, I quickly realized I not only enjoyed flying X-Plane, but I also found design and posting liveries for different aircraft thrilling.

I think it was the automatic reward in knowing and seeing the aircraft on the screen and in flight. My first paint was for a friend of mine in Colorado. He too had a love of the original Frontier Airlines and he and I connected. Although I was pleased at the time with my work, I look back now hope he will forgive me for my first steps into livery painting (sorry Les). Anyway, since those first few weeks, BRAVO 737 has expanded into specific livery styles, contests and showcased a different and somewhat nostalgic opportunity for "senior simmers" such as myself.

The past twelve months have been incredible and the being a sponsor of FS Expo 2021 was something I am not sure I could've comprehended less than a year ago. Now, we are moving forward. The #BRAVORETROZIBO Collection is in full-swing. We plan to complete the final designs by the end of the year (releasing in November and December). We are working on a #BRAVORETROZIBOUK Collection and look for any suggestions as those will begin rolling out around mid-February 2022. Our team is also excited about the #BRAVOCARGOCHROME project which will take several steps forward with both livery development and skin creation to match appropriate features of cargo-type 737s.

As we launch into our second year, we continue to gain momentum in the custom livery arena and will have an announcement in the next few weeks for a current international partnership. Expect more contests, product reviews and more designs.

Finally, I just want to say, "Thank you." Thank you for those who have been so supportive. Those simmers in the community that "get" what we are trying to do and those who have been staunch advocates for our work. We couldn't have done it without you. As a small gift, we have developed the ONE LIVERY which commemorates our inaugural year of success. I hope you will all download it, fly it and share on your social media and in groups. If you get a chance, send me some pics or post with the hashtag #IFLYBRAVO737, I'd love to see where in the world our brand will fly! CHEERS CAPTAINS!

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