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GOODBYE 2022, HELLO 2023!

Last January, BRAVO737 started off with a huge bang! We had just created our ninth custom livery, we were working on some peripheral products for flight simmers and we were building interest in online fly-ins.


All of that being said, we had our work cut-out for us!

With the support of co-ops in North America as well as the United Kingdom, BRAVO737 took our first steps toward developing, high-quality, affordable, realistic products for the Boeing 737. Our first pro-type project is this FMC/CDU which is currently compatible with most ZIBO-based aircraft for X-Plane 11 and 12. The development team in England is working diligently to improve the feel of the item, the ease of interface and the ability to utilized it across several simulation platforms. There is much more to say about this project, and others, but we will leave this subject for the 2023 portion.


We continue to work with clients from around the world to develop their vision of a custom livery. In 2022 we have worked on projects for individuals as well as virtual airlines such as SkyMatix and Noble Aviation. We have also been busy designing second evolutions of aircraft such as the new Shadow Racer for our friend and streamer, Charlie 31 as well as additional projects which are not 737 based, but have made our clients extremely happy in 2022. Here are some great examples! As always, if you are searching for a custom livery, feel free to give us a shout at:


If you have ever participated in a group fly-in, or a virtual airline flight, there are often times when X-Plane (via VATSIM or IVAO) will basically fill in the blanks as to what livery you see on other aircraft regardless of what livery/airline they have actually chosen. Furthermore, when one wants to show their custom livery in streaming, online photos, etc., it is difficult to explain why you have an incredible new livery,

but it shows up as a random airline. CSL files allow your virtual airline, friends or just the general flight simming community the ability to see and enjoy another level of immersion while flying. During 2022, our team has developed several CSL files for BRAVO737 liveries as well as clients. It adds an incredible amount of adding realism to each and every flight. Check it out at:


At the very end of 2022 (and if we are honest, the beginning of 2023), we celebrated our second year of operations by introducing one of our most ambitious livery projects yet! The BRAVO737 Second Anniversary Livery is based on the slogan, "CELEBRATING TWO YEARS OF WINS!" Nothings says winning more than Las Vegas, so the new livery is based up triple 2 playing cards, the background of the Las Vegas strip, a dessert gold metallic skin and each aircraft series is named for a famous, or rather infamous, casino in the city's past. We also went above-and-beyond by creating a number of series aircraft including the 737-200, 300, 600NG, 700NG, 800NG, ZIBO 800, 900 and 900ER. These liveries are available for free and are compatible with X-Plane 11 and/or X-Plane 12 depending on the aircraft manufacture. The Second Anniversary Livery can be downloaded here:



We are ready to make 2023 a phenomenal year for our organization. Our leadership has several plans to showcase opportunities for our BRAVO737 Captains to fly, learn and enhance their flight experiences. Here is a brief look at what 2023 will bring!


We have to celebrate big for our BRAVO737 Captains! So, mark your calendars for January 21, 2023 as we will host a big anniversary fly-in! Keep watching the news section of our website, but our destination will be Las Vegas, Nevada and we will be awarding prizes including BRAVO737 Gear and Amazon gift cards! Watch here for more details:


We are thrilled to announce in late-summer, 2023, we will be launching a new brand called Allied Cockpit Equipment, or ACE. ACE will be the extension to the prototype work we have been developing for high-quality, affordable peripherals for flight simulation enthusiasts. Whether you are looking to build a full cockpit, or just have a few full-scale avionic equipment to make your flights more realistic, ACE will be your answer for amazing, easy-to-use, flight sim peripherals.


There is nothing like flying an aircraft in flight simulation. Furthermore, when you understand how to aviate, navigate and communicate correctly, the thrill increases exponentially. The BRAVO737 Flight Academy will be the resource to help pilots of all levels understand the basics of flying a 737, how to effective navigate the aircraft as well as communicate with air traffic control. Launching in late 2023, we are striving to bring a greater sense of understanding and make each student a better flight simulation pilot.


We have heard your comments and are prepared to answer in 2023! We will be engaging all of our BRAVO737 Captains with more fly-in events, more livery collections and more opportunities to engage other likeminded flight simulation pilots. BRAVO737 was created to a community and we want to feed the growth of our community with entertainment, engagement and understanding of each of our pilots. We invite you to offer additional suggestion about the direction, contests and other opportunities to make BRAVO737 the best place to fly! Please send your thoughts and comments via this page:

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