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Happy New Year?!

If I were to say we were a little late in wishing everyone a Happy New Year, that would be a vast understatement. Since the first of the year, the BRAVO 737 HQ has undergone a big move and it took about 45 days to get back up to speed.

Finally, in late February, we got our legs underneath us again and were resuming regular flights and found our way back to the simulator - sort of. The introduction of the Level Up 737 Series was a bit unexpected and made a huge splash! Congrats to those folks over at Threshold and of course the ever-worth ZIBMOD team. If you have not downloaded the Level Up series (600, 700, 800, 900ER), you should definitely give it a whirl.

The new year has started with more online flights for us including our first-ever BRAVO 737

fly-in held on March 19, 2022. We had a decent turn-out, but we can always include more pilots. We learned some valuable lessons while flying and hope to expand our online community. We are also looking to build further content and team up with some additional online resources providing more videos and hands-on reviews and suggestions for software, freeware and flight simming hardware.

As our mission states, we want to be an all-inclusive, flight sim community. We are all hobbyist at different levels. As previously stated, I started flying when I was in the third of fourth grade on an Apple IIe playing Microsoft Flight Simulator back in the mid 1980s. Others have come later. I am late to the X Plane community, but enjoy it dearly. No matter how or what you fly, the best part about being a simmer are the people. Let's try to uphold that as BRAVO 737 Captains. So, Happy New Year ladies and gents! May we all have blue skies, smooth landings and grand adventures!

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