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BRAVO 737 started our #BRAVORETROZIBO project back in August of 2021. Since then, our team has 15 distinct liveries from 11 different airlines. These liveries are our choice of the "best of the best" from the 1960s, 70s and 80s. Our team takes pride in the designs we create. We take time to research each livery, the airline and versions from the time period as well as any evolutions of the design. Our goal is to stay as accurate as possible while creating a design which melds well with the #ZIBOMOD Boeing 737-800.

The last delivery of aircraft were some of our fan-favorites. These include two version of the now-defunct Eastern Airlines, as well as two versions of Pacific Southwest Airlines (PSA), another great, but lost airline and finally, Allegheny Airlines, a regional airline which had a national reach.

Our team was unfortunately delayed with some weather and computer issues almost exactly before delivery of this group, so we wanted to make it up to our loyal followers. We felt like the best way to do that, was "throw in" another livery. So, we fast-tracked our United Airlines 1971-1974 livery and released it to the community on November 20, 2021.

We are proud of these liveries, but are always searching for additional challenges. We will be delivering the final aircraft liveries in this series on December 9, 2021. Our attention will then be toward the United Kingdom as we work and release our series in our #BRAVORETROZIBOUK series.

The BRAVO 737 are simmers just like you! Our

goal is to provide high-quality, repaints, engaging contests and great information such as reviews and tips which we will be focusing more on in 2022. All-in-all, we just want you all to know how much we have enjoyed being part of your Captains' lives and their sim-worlds. Thank you!

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