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It has been almost six months since I last posted a blog. I apologize for not keeping up with the Captain's blog. There have been so many new and exciting events happening at BRAVO 737 (and around the flight simulation community), I am not sure where to begin!

First, our team has been preparing for the 2023 FSExpo in Houston, Texas! We will be in attendance as well as partnering with our new venture, ACE Flight Simulation Avionics (more about that later). We encourage anyone who has the slightest interest in flight simulation to make sure you attend this seminal event! The Flight Simulation Association does an incredible job with this! Make sure you register now and attend later this month, June 23-25, 2023!

Next big news I'd like to share is the implementation of MSFS2020 liveries within our catalog of services. You may have seen some of the initial designs on our website. As we continue to work with the PMDG paint kits and Ops Center, we are learning new and fun ways to become very creative. Included in our livery packages is a string of code pilots may utilize to share their liveries via vPilot on VATSIM. If you have a VA and want all of your pilots to see your new livery, our code allows model matching based on your local computer. What does that mean? Finally, pilots flying will be able to immerse themselves in high-resolution models of their VA or custom livery while flying. No more basic white or "made up" generic liveries.

In April 2023, BRAVO 737 became an official partner of The Pilot Club. They are a free,

friendly, thriving community for serious flight simulation enthusiasts. They share our passion for aviation by doing group flights on VATSIM. The Pilot Club's goal is to engage in a meaningful and helpful discussion about flightsim topics, where we could learn from each other and share our experiences. We encourage all of our BRAVO 737 Captains to check them out! As you know, BRAVO isn't a VA, but we do often do community fly-in events. The last few, we have partnered with the TPC folks and they have been extremely welcoming! Make sure you check them out!

LAST BUT DEFINITELY NOT LEAST, as mentioned above, we have have launched a new company to develop flight simulation avionics for home sim users! The company is called Allied Cockpit Equipment, or ACE! We will be at the FSExpo at booth H11, so if you are planning to attend, please drop by. We are also going to unveil one of our new products during the product reveal session on Friday, June 23 at the Double Tree Hotel across from Houston Hobby Airport! Please visit the ACE Flight Simulation website as well as check out our Discord! More news to come, but I can tell you we plan to begin taking pre-orders on four products which will interest simmers of all levels. By the way, we have an official ACE Flyer livery for MSFS2020 available for download. Check it out below!

ACE Flyer.N545AS.1.0
Download ZIP • 111.59MB


Finally, I want to apologize to all of our followers who have been so supportive and faithful since we opened in 2021. Life has been going very fast lately! To make up for that, I thought it might be fun to have a contest for some free BRAVO 737 merch. So, here's how you can win. Submit your BEST screen capture of either the BRAVO 737 House Livery or the ACE Flyer livery, you will be submitted into a drawing to win one item of YOUR CHOICE from the BRAVO 737 Gear Shop. This contest will go through June 30, 2023. Send your pics to: ENTER AS MANY TIMES AS YOU'D LIKE. CONTEST ENDS JUNE 30, 2023!

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