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Welcome Aboard BRAVO 737

The flight simulation hobby has evolved drastically since I began "flying" back in 1983. Ok, it was a far stretch compared to today's standards, but I can still remember sneaking away from the cafeteria to get to the library (or media center) first. The sweet sound of that 5.25 inch BASF floppy disk sliding into the school's Apple IIE. It was almost too much.

Today, those who love aviation, want to become real life pilots, or people like me who just enjoy the hobby all can come together with the Internet, great programs like XP11, MSFS2020, PD3, ProSim737 and more. The best part for me is understanding that it means something a little different to everyone. Whether you like to fly, design, tinker with electronics, make things in your basement/ all comes back to simming.

BRAVO 737 is my addition to the hobby. I have been flying on-and-off ever since that first day. I remember the days of MSFSX blowing my socks off! I couldn't imagine anything more real. Anyone remember RogerWilco and NAVYRW? I do! BRAVO 737 is a great way for all facets to join together, share images, stories, videos, etc. You bet, stay on Facebook and be a part of the scores of XP and flight simmer groups - I sure will. No matter how hard that last landing was on VATSIM in front of 600 of your closet friends, BRAVO 737 is your FBO waiting for you.

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